Recently, Joe Berrios and Rob Blasio sat down with Insurance Business Talk to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Program Administrators and MGAs. Listen to the podcast to discover tips for overcoming the biggest industry challenges and learn how to stand out from the competition.

Marketplace opportunities abound for Program Administrators (PAs) and MGAs, but in a landscape complicated by pandemic-related pressures, social inflation, and nuclear verdicts, there are also several challenges.

At Gallagher Bassett (GB), we are well versed and experienced within the Program Administration and MGA marketplace, supporting our partners to achieve successful claims outcomes. Rob Blasio and I recently sat down with Insurance Business Talk to discuss the biggest challenges faced by PAs and MGAs and how to overcome them.

In our conversation, we discussed solutions for PAs and MGAs as they face substantial costs to internalize claims handling, challenges in trying to bridge the specialization skills gap when utilizing generalists to handle specialty liability claims, and controlling the difficulty in a recruitment market impacted by the Great Resignation.

Listen now: Insurance Business Talk—Top claims challenges for MGAs and how to overcome them

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Joseph Berrios

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