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Legacy Claims Management: Empowering Progress and Growth

Effective solutions and precision in addressing complex legacy claims

Legacy claims management comes with its own set of unique challenges that can hinder carrier growth and drain valuable resources. Gallagher Bassett’s Legacy Practice Group offers a specialized solution designed to help carriers overcome these hurdles and efficiently handle claims associated with discontinued programs.

For legacy claims, reducing costs and expediting outcomes is the key to unlocking operational efficiency and profitable growth. Yet, in an industry where claims talent is scarce and retention is challenging, swiftly processing complex, old, or underperforming claims portfolios is not easily achieved.

Gallagher Bassett’s Legacy Practice Group, composed of dedicated claims resolution experts, stands ready to tackle burdensome older claims from discontinued programs, allowing your talent to instead work on live programs that will drive your business forward. Through cutting-edge claims technology and a laser focus on superior outcomes, we spearhead strategic solutions for legacy portfolios. This approach provides carriers with:

  • Access to the industry’s #1 RMIS suite, Luminos, delivering unparalleled analytics and risk management insights
  • A dedicated Legacy Practice Group offering tailored solutions for your legacy claims portfolio
  • Decades of claims expertise to optimize resources and drive optimal outcomes
  • Seamless integration facilitated by our dedicated Implementation Team, expertly transferring incorporating files trapped in outdated systems

Our dedicated Legacy Practice Group is entirely focused on addressing the unique needs of the legacy claims sector. We don’t just manage claims; we drive results.

Our success stories and measurable achievements demonstrate the positive impact we bring to carriers.

Speak to one of Gallagher Bassett’s Legacy Practice experts to learn more about how you can overcome legacy barriers and unlock long-term success.

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