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Strategic Growth for Program Administrators and MGAs

VCIA 2023 Highlights: Expert Insights on the Captive Insurance Landscape

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) held its annual conference on August 7–10 , and our Gallagher Bassett experts took full advantage of the ample networking and educational panels while discussing opportunities to collaborate and prosper in the program business space.

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Competitive Differentiation for Mutual and Mid-Market Carriers

Three Keys to Sustainable Growth and Achieving Success for Mutuals in 2024

As mutuals step into the landscape of 2024, leading with robust, creative, and strategic planning for long-term success is paramount. The NAMIC 2022 Mutual Factor Report recently highlighted the impressive growth of the mutual insurance industry, setting the stage for mutual carriers to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in the year ahead. In this article, we explore three strategic pillars that will empower mutual carriers to navigate the remainder of the year and set the foundations for growth in 2024.

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Your Dedicated Carrier Practice Partner

The Carrier Marketplace with Jon Stambaugh

Get an exclusive look into the insurance industry’s biggest challenges as Jon Stambaugh, SVP – Carrier Practice, shares upcoming opportunities for carriers moving into the final months of 2023. He also reveals key focus areas for carriers aiming to thrive, reaffirms the attention on the global talent crunch, and spotlights key considerations when seeking strategic partnership opportunities.

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Best-In-Class RMIS and Digital Experience Capabilities

How to Balance Technology with Human Touch for Complex Claims Management

In the ever-evolving insurance industry, the management of complex claims requires a delicate balance between technology and human input. While automation and digital tools have streamlined processes, human connection, and oversight remain indispensable. Joe Berrios, Managing Director – Carrier Practice, delves into advice for striking the right balance between technical and human interaction when managing complex claims.

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Strategic Growth for Program Administrators and MGAs

GB Expert Perspective: Greg Perruzzi on Overcoming Construction Challenges for MGAs & PAs

With increasing claims complexity, rapid technological advancement, and an ever-changing industry environment, MGAs and PAs focused on the construction industry face a number of risk management challenges. Greg Perruzzi, SVP — Construction Vertical Practice, examines four key areas where deploying end-to-end risk management strategies can mitigate exposure and reduce total cost of risk.

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