3 Keys to Delivering Exceptional Service for Carriers

Delivering service excellence and quality in the carrier space stems from carrier-client relationships that are aligned on shared expectations and are driven by outcomes. It is difficult to overstate the long-term value of building collaborative partnerships rooted in consistency and transparent communication. Throughout my thirty-seven-year career, I have found that, with the support of a dedicated partner with the capability to analyze data and synthesize insights, carriers can identify areas for growth, capitalize on improvement opportunities, and achieve desired results.

What to look for in a third-party administrator (TPA) partner to establish effective alignment and a strong, lasting client relationship can depend on their approach to supporting carriers. Gallagher Bassett’s (GB) Carrier Practice and my team of more than 800 claim professionals operate using a three-pronged approach, based on the fundamentals of service excellence, to deliver consistent quality.

Align Goals

Understanding a business’ specific challenges is critical to setting goals and working in lockstep to achieve them. We work as an extension of our clients’ teams, discussing expectations at the outset of any engagement to establish a purposeful, goal-oriented approach. Revisiting goals throughout the partnership encourages open communication and ensures alignment with our partners’ outlooks. Whether it is reducing litigation expenses or identifying job alternatives for an earlier return to work, we tailor our service to deliver results and superior outcomes at every turn.

Provide Metrics and Reporting Capabilities

Proactively assessing claims is imperative to staying on track toward shared goals. GB has several tools that provide a line of sight into different aspects of an individual claim or set of claims, drilling down to highlight where attention is needed. With the right tools in hand, like our award-winning RMIS platform, Luminos, our partners gain actionable insight into claim health and performance that lead to confident, goal-oriented decisions. Metrics tell the story of a claim at each point of the life cycle, and frequent reviews reveal areas for improvement and can inform the future of claims-handling strategies. Further, our SMART benchmarking dashboard helps you compare your results to similar scenarios and enables us to assign the right file to the right level of resolution manager.

Deliver Consistent Quality

Claims continuously evolve, so having a reliable, forward-thinking partner who works with outcomes in mind is essential to keeping programs on course. We have the expertise and innovation to help our clients mitigate exposure and reduce total cost of risk (TCOR). More than anything, consistency to drive new and existing claims forward through targeted action plans is the hallmark of GB’s quality service success. We combine best-in-class claims management consultation with best-in-class decision-support tools to help our clients reduce costs, access the talent they need, and achieve claims outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Why GB?

Not all TPAs are the same. GB was one of the first companies to offer the TPA model in several countries and pioneered the concept of a dedicated practice focused on the goals and objectives of insurance carrier.  This is why we have an unmatched understanding of what carriers need to grow and thrive.

Our team is as passionate about our clients’ customers and reputation. We know that unlocking the full value of a partnered claims model takes a collaborative relationship based on trust.

Connect with our team to find out how we can tailor our support to the needs of our clients.

Dawn Griffin

SVP — Carrier Practice

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