CLM 2024: Unleashing GB’s Expertise to Support Our Partners

For almost two decades, CLM has been dedicated to meeting the professional development needs of the claims and litigation management profession and this was an opportunity to bring together our people and participate. When CLM announced its annual conference would be held under the banner of “Claims Unleashed 2024,” our team was energized by the opportunity to host and participate in several sessions spanning our wide area of claims and risk management expertise. Additionally, our expertise was acknowledged through the CLM honoring Caryn Siebert with the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award. Caryn took the opportunity to remind the audience of the importance of caring, compassion, and supporting the next generation of rising industry talent pursuing careers in claims.

From construction and cyber to healthcare and DE&I, our people addressed the challenges that carriers are facing in 2024 and provided proven strategies for how they can achieve superior outcomes and build sustainable success, even in a challenging environment.  


  • Creating a Successful Construction Workers’ Comp Program

Greg Perruzzi, SVP — Construction Vertical Practice, spotlighted how to create a successful construction workers’ compensation program, with a key focus on the need to mitigate losses, detect fraud, and provide timely support to injured workers. Effective communication, thorough investigations, and strategic litigation are vital for successful construction workers’ compensation programs. Streamlined communication minimizes loss and fraud, ensuring timely benefits. As Greg revealed, designing a successful program will help mitigate losses, detect fraud, and provide timely support to injured workers. 

  • Proper Claims and Litigation Management After a Construction Site Incident

Dave Perini, VP — Construction Vertical Practice, turned his focus to the aftermath of construction site incidents and, more importantly, how a well-conducted investigation can help future litigation. Investigations are crucial for gathering vital information promptly after an accident and essential for future legal proceedings. While often associated with uncovering fraudulent activities, they also thoroughly assess the facts surrounding alleged injuries and the claimant’s condition at the time of the incident. From exploring investigation options to revealing what information should be included in accident reports, Dave’s insights will have gone a long way in helping attendees avoid future unnecessary exposure to their business.


  • Safeguarding Against Ransomware and Emerging Threats in an Evolving Cyber Landscape

Kirsten Mickelson, Cyber Claims Practice Leader, explored the evolution of cyber insurance, which has grown from a financial safety net to a proactive partner and enabler of cyber resilience for organizations. Along with detailing how ransomware attacks occur and what companies can do to protect themselves against such attacks, Kirsten showed the vital role specialized cyber insurance and reinforcement efforts are playing in helping to mitigate cyber risk.

  • Protecting the Digital Integrity of Settlements

Christa Johnson, Cyber Claims Team Lead, focused on best practices for protecting the digital integrity of settlements, which is pertinent given they are frequently created, documented, funded, and completed electronically. With a growing number of claims where there are multiple tiers involved in settlement, including where a client or insured is receiving compensation for their products and/or services, the portals of risk increase and with it the potential for compromise. As threat actors become aware of the significant amounts of money arranged and transferred daily, the risk is expanding. Christa emphasized the importance of maintaining constant vigilance and knowing how to respond in case of breaches.


  • In Defense of DE&I: How the Courts Are Being Used to Attack Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Caryn Siebert, VP — National Director, Carrier Engagement and one of the founding members of Include@GB, GB’s committee dedicated to championing inclusivity across our company, discussed the Students for Fair Admissions vs Harvard case to highlight how the courts are being used to challenge the DE&I practices of state governments, law firms, and corporations, including the considerations of race, sexual orientation, and other hiring criteria. With the growing number of lawsuits that are filed challenging organizations’ DE&I practices, Caryn and her co-presenters urged attendees to proactively build strategies that improve equitable business practices and foster diversity throughout our industry.

Professional Liability

  • Negotiations: Why Are We Afraid of Being First at the Table?

Gary Leonard, Chief Client Officer at GB Specialty, reflected on data that shows more than 90% of cases settle and then asked a key question: Why are claims professionals and defense counsels afraid of being first at the table? The interactive session explored the importance of early investigation as it relates to negotiations, who is best to manage negotiations, and why it pays to use leverage points to set the stage early and expedite claim closure to avoid costly, time-consuming litigation. 


  • Providing Care for the Care Provider

Bill Bower, EVP — Director of Healthcare, revealed that litigation is on the rise in the healthcare sector as a variety of factors—including growing workloads, staffing shortages, hostile work environments, and a decrease in wages due to continuing changes in Medicare and private insurance—are causing an increase in care provider burnout and, in turn, medical errors. Along with discussing how such errors relate to litigation and jury verdicts, Bill focused on strategies aimed at reducing stressors and improving the health and safety of both patients and their care providers.

  • Medicare Beneficiary Settlement Strategies

Courtney Jensen, Medicare Compliance Senior Manager, tackled the complex subject of Medicare beneficiary settlement strategies for opioids, evidence-based medicine, and Medicare set-asides. On the back of 2023 policy changes at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Courtney navigated the key questions being asked about opioid pain management, the impact on certain settlement scenarios, and how primary insurance payers now have a greater opportunity to settle future medical care for older claims that may have been previously considered unresolvable.

No matter what your question, no matter what your concern, our dedicated Carrier Practice Team is ready to provide you with the information you need to achieve superior outcomes. 

Get in touch with our team to discover how GB can empower your organization to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities in an evolving insurance landscape.

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