The Future of the Construction Industry

Here at Gallagher Bassett, we acknowledge the ever-evolving risks associated with the construction industry. In this environment, it is critical for contractors and developers to invest in risk-management resources and promote a culture of loss prevention and safety. Doing so effectively can help drive down a company’s TCOR and create opportunities to secure the insurance solutions that meet their unique project needs by aligning long-term partnerships with service providers.

We welcome SVP- Construction Vertical Leader, Greg Perruzzi to Gallagher Bassett with the intention of advancing our integrated risk-management solution for the construction industry. Greg will be responsible for ensuring the integration, evolution, promotion, and outcomes of Gallagher Bassett’s industry-leading construction claims and risk-management solutions. Greg’s expertise is multifaceted, with a particular focus on casualty-insurance programs and captives. Gallagher Bassett’s commitment and investment in resources to build tailored risk-management solutions for the construction industry is the driving cause of Greg’s desire to join the team.

Greg states “Gallagher Bassett has the expertise, depth of experience, and claims-management capability to partner with businesses better than any other firm in the marketplace. We are creating a scalable partnership platform that speaks to the needs and language of every distribution channel in the industry.” 

After serving as in-house risk manager for construction companies over the last 20 years, Greg now uses his knowledge and buyer’s perspective to support the industry. Working through Gallagher Bassett as construction-risk manager, he will support all our divisions and services by bringing a synthesized and integrated approach that can be bespoke and scalable to yield superior results. This new venture brings exciting opportunities to shape how the construction industry mitigates risk now and in the future. 

Gallagher Bassett Construction provides professional risk management, loss control, site services, and claims-resolution solutions. We are unmatched in construction expertise and capabilities with specialized service offerings that span the entirety of the risk-control and claims-management lifecycle. This additional avenue of expertise allows Gallagher Bassett to provide end-to-end risk and claims-management services and integrated solutions for the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

We offer these solutions through a combination of Gallagher Bassett Technical Services (GBTS), which provides Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), loss prevention, and incident investigation solutions in tandem with our claims-management and administration teams. Our extensive in-house capabilities and expertise create a unique business model that allows us to create “micro” risk-management teams dedicated to supporting tailored insurance programs on projects—allowing you to utilize your staff where you need them most. It is a win-win for all parties in the distribution chain and a force multiplier for the service we can provide to construction businesses. This integrated approach and efficiency will allow us to learn more over time and evolve processes to drive the best possible results for our clients.


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Greg Perruzzi

Greg Perruzzi

SVP- Construction Vertical Leader

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