Unveiling The Carrier Perspective: Whitepaper to Launch Next Month

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our 2024 global carrier industry whitepaper, “The Carrier Perspective: 2024 Claims Insights.” At the close of last year, we embarked on a global study with 150 carriers, seeking invaluable insights from our clients and stakeholders about their priorities and sentiments for the year ahead.

The Carrier Perspective goes beyond the research data to provide insights and strategies designed to empower carriers to navigate the complexities of 2024 with confidence. Building on the success of our 2023 whitepaper, “The Road Ahead,” this year’s edition is a deep dive into challenges and opportunities surrounding employee retention, the use of AI technologies, and mounting pricing pressures—issues at the forefront of carriers’ minds in 2024.

“Identifying the top-of-mind challenges for carriers provides a snapshot of the priorities that will drive strategy in the coming year,” says Joe Berrios, Managing Director — Carrier Practice. “In The Carrier Perspective, we present a path forward, guiding carriers to navigate 2024 with confidence and precision.”

The Carrier Perspective explores five key themes and offers an actionable roadmap for carriers to understand challenges and opportunities associated with the headwinds of technology’s role in optimizing the claims environment, cost strategies, and workforce models for managing hybrid working expectations and counteracting wage inflation, the new realities of climate change and ESG, AI’s integration into claims processing, and compliance and regulatory challenges.

The results of our global survey emphasize the importance of forward-thinking strategies. As Jon Stambaugh, SVP — Carrier Practice, says, “2024 is set to be a year with fast-paced change, which creates scope for those carriers who embrace proactive strategies to support successful decision-making. Carriers must not only react to changes but proactively shape their strategies to stay ahead.”

“In The Carrier Perspective, carriers can expect a comprehensive guide that not only identifies key trends but also offers strategic insights to navigate them successfully. It’s not just about anticipating these challenges but leveraging them to carve a path forward.”

Insights to Expect:

  • Digital Transformation: Discover how carriers are integrating digital claims processing solutions to tackle supply chain challenges. Learn about the transformative potential of technology in optimizing the claims environment.
  • Talent Retention Strategies: Gain insights into the pivotal role of competitive salaries in ensuring effective employee retention strategies. Explore innovative workforce models tailored to the demands of the hybrid working structure and managing wage inflation.
  • AI Revolution: Explore the increasing reliance on generative AI chatbots and their impact on customer service.
  • Climate Data and Analytics: Understand how carriers are incorporating climate data and analytics in risk assessment and underwriting processes. Navigate the new realities of climate change and ESG considerations in shaping resilient underwriting practices.
  • Future Compliance Challenges: Project into 2024 and anticipate the foremost challenges in compliance and regulation, focusing on data privacy and security. Gain actionable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of compliance challenges in the digital era.

Stay tuned for the official release next month and prepare to download your copy of The Carrier Perspective—your guide to the key trends for the year ahead to help navigate 2024 successfully.

Joe Berrios

Managing Director Carrier Practice

Jon Stambaugh

SVP Carrier Practice

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