What Claims and Client Service Excellence Looks Like in 2024

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At a time when changing customer expectations are a dominant force in the insurance industry, it’s more important than ever that carriers understand how to respond to this market dynamic with quality service. Following our insightful roundtable last year that delved into technology and analytics, we now shift our focus to the evolving landscape of service delivery and what that entails in 2024.

Amy Cooper, VP — Carrier Practice Sales, takes the helm as she guides a dynamic roundtable discussion with Gallagher Bassett experts Suzanne McCarthy, SVP — Carrier Client Services, Margaret Viss, VP — Carrier Client Services, Vicky Kalasmiki, VP — Carrier Client Services, Jill Crane, VP — Carrier Client Services, and Kathy Doyle, VP — Claims Operation exploring what claims and client service excellence looks like in 2024.

Amy Cooper (AC): Vicky, could you start by expanding on how collaboration and a relentless pursuit of solutions align with Gallagher Bassett’s (GB) commitment to superior customer service?

Vicky: Absolutely. At GB, collaboration is at the core of our service excellence. We understand that every claim is unique, and by fostering a collaborative environment, we bring together the right expertise to address the diverse needs of our clients. A relentless pursuit of solutions means we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them by continuously innovating and finding creative ways to enhance the customer experience. It’s about going above and beyond to deliver outcomes that truly protect and enhance our clients’ brands.

AC: Kathy and Jill, how does The Gallagher Way tenet focused on rushing to problems and being an extension of our clients’ teams contribute to our commitment to service excellence?

Kathy: The Gallagher Way is the foundation of our culture at GB. We rush to problems to find resolutions and do not avoid responding just because things may be challenging. We tackle our issues head-on and continue to follow through until any client, injured worker, or medical provider concern is resolved. Demonstrating our level of commitment each and every day to all of our customers shows our drive for ongoing service excellence.

Jill: The Gallagher Way is all about being proactive and responsive. Rushing to problems means we don’t wait for challenges to escalate; rather, we tackle them head-on. In the context of service excellence, it’s about anticipating the needs of our clients and claimants, ensuring that we’re always steps ahead in providing solutions. Recognizing our roles as integral parts of a whole emphasizes that each team member plays a vital role in the overall success of our service delivery. It creates a culture of accountability and teamwork—essential elements for maintaining professionalism and commitment to service excellence.

AC: Suzanne, you mentioned that personal compassion and determination are key elements of service excellence. Can you elaborate on how these qualities manifest in delivering proper and timely benefits?

Suzanne: Personal compassion means understanding the human side of every claim. It’s about recognizing that behind each case, there’s a person with unique needs and concerns. Determination, in this context, is the drive to ensure that we not only meet but exceed those needs. Whether it’s guiding someone through a complex process or expediting benefits, it’s about demonstrating genuine care. This personal touch not only ensures proper and timely benefits but also leaves a lasting positive impact on the lives of those we serve. I recognize the importance of being attuned to the needs of those we serve to ensure we’re making the right decisions for them.

AC: Margaret, you emphasized the connection between service excellence and regulatory compliance and its impact on reputation. How does this understanding influence the quality service you provide at GB?

Margaret: Regulatory compliance is the backbone of our commitment to service excellence. Understanding that our actions directly influence our partners’ reputation means that every decision we make is guided by the utmost care and adherence to industry standards. Compliance is not just a checkbox; it’s a reflection of the quality and reliability of our services. By upholding the highest standards, we ensure that our partners trust us implicitly, and this trust forms the foundation of our enduring partnerships.

Amy: How have your past professional or personal experiences and influences shaped your current approach to achieving superior customer service, and can you provide an example of how this influence has positively impacted your work at GB?

Kathy: Throughout my professional and personal life, I have always believed in treating others with care and respect. I was raised to always treat others as you would want to be treated. When I started with GB, my first supervisor instilled the same sentiment in how we treat our injured workers and customers. I now bring this care and respect to my team with every meeting, training, and call. Seeing the positive reviews and feedback from both our internal and external customers is incredibly rewarding.

Jill: My first job in insurance was handling claims, and the relief that people expressed when we were able to help them put their lives back together following a loss has stayed with me all these years. It’s the same enthusiasm that I bring to trying to problem-solve for our GB clients every day.

Vicky: Throughout my career, the influence of individuals who took a non-judgmental approach, focused on partnership, and made a commitment to getting things done without blame is reflected in our daily work at GB, where achieving excellence through teamwork and creative problem-solving is fundamental to our commitment to protecting and enhancing brands.

Suzanne: In the realm of delivering proper and timely support, my commitment is deeply rooted in personal experience. My father suffered a severe workplace injury some time ago, and his experience as a claimant influenced my commitment to delivering excellent customer service. He was injured so severely that they didn’t think he would ever walk again. The impact that had on my family and on my father my entire life has influenced me in so many ways. It has made me compassionate. It has made me determined to ensure that we are delivering proper and timely benefits. And it makes me stop and think every time we’re in a situation where someone is upset or concerned and how important it is to do the right thing for these folks who’ve had their lives impacted.

Margaret: Early on in my career, I learned that our actions directly influence our clients’ standing in the industry. In multiple instances, our commitment to regulatory compliance and delivering quality service has been evident. This dedication is a testament to our commitment to excellence, directly aligning with GB’s mission of protecting and enhancing brands.

AC: Can each of you share a specific instance from the last year where you witnessed or contributed to excellence, aligning with GB’s commitment to protecting and enhancing brands?

Vicky: In the last year, I was involved in lost investigations for a client, a critical moment where our commitment to collaboration and relentless problem-solving shone through. By aligning internal resources and breaking down barriers, we not only solved the challenge efficiently but also demonstrated our dedication to protecting and enhancing our client’s brand.

Kathy: Over the last year, we transitioned a large carrier program over to GB. One of the insureds raised concerns with quality, staffing, and responsiveness during the transition period, and our team immediately took decisive action: We gathered resources from our Quality Team to help with training and positive reinforcement. We set up weekly calls with both the client and the carrier to address concerns, outline our action plan, and commit to delivery dates. We had internal meetings bi-weekly with the team handling the claims to coach and develop not on the work product but the responsiveness to the insured and their injured employees. Week over week turned to month over month, and we now have a very happy insured who regularly shares positive feedback about the team, GB, and our ability to deliver consistent, high-quality service.

Jill: Throughout my time at GB, I’ve consistently observed excellence across various teams. One instance was in handling a complex claim where our rush-to-problems approach and recognition that our roles are integral parts of a whole ensured a seamless process, ultimately protecting and enhancing our client’s brand reputation.

Suzanne: Excellence, for me, is an ongoing commitment. Last year, there was a situation where providing proper and timely benefits was crucial. By showcasing calmness, patience, and genuine care, we not only met but exceeded expectations, contributing to the positive perception of our client’s brand.

Margaret: The emphasis on regulatory compliance from our clients is an everyday commitment. Understanding that our actions directly influence their reputation underscores the importance of delivering quality service in every aspect of claims handling. It’s a reminder of the significant impact we have on our partners through our actions day in and day out.

AC: The voices of these five exceptional women at GB not only echo the importance of service excellence but also exemplify how these principles align with the commitment to superior customer service to protect and enhance brands. Through collaboration, proactive problem-solving, personal compassion, and regulatory adherence, they showcase how GB is not just a service provider but a true partner in the success and reputation of our clients.

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Amy Cooper

VP Carrier Practice Sales

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